Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone. Shield the most important part of your iPhone with this ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector. It covers the display of your iPhone , shielding it from scratches, bumps, and other damage that occurs during everyday use. It’s also fully transparent and leaves no marks after you remove it.

    - Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone. - Covers the screen of your iPhone. - Excellent everyday protection against scratches. - Ultra-thin, delicate and absolutely transparent. - Easy to install and doesn’t leave residue after removal. - Fully preserves the original feeling of your device. - Be advised that this screen protector covers only the flat part of the display.



Samsung Tempered Glass Screen Protector – 9H, 0.33mm Protect the screen of your Samsung Galaxy with this tempered glass screen protector. Thin and robust, this tempered glass screen protector will protect the display from daily damage. Completely transparent, it will not affect screen brightness or image quality on your Samsung Galaxy. In addition, the oleophobic coating will reduce the quantity of dirt and fingerprint marks and make it easier to clean.

    - Tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy. - Provides protection of screen from scratches and minor impacts. - It will not affect the brightness or image color of your Samsung Galaxy. - Shatterproof feature will not allow the glass to be broken into sharp and small pieces. - Ultra-slim protection of only 0,33mm thickness. - Oleophobic coating provides easy cleaning. - Max level industry standard hardness of 9H. - Tempered glass will cover the only flat part of the screen.



Full-Fit Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Xiaomi Redmi , Redmi Note – 0.33mm. The Premium Full-Fit gives your Xiaomi Redmi Note , Redmi Note advanced display protection. The 0.33mm thick silicate glass is highly resistant to scratches and has virtually no impact on touch responsiveness and image quality. Upon that, the smooth edges ensure comfort when you’re holding the device.

    - Premium-quality screen protector for Xiaomi Redmi . - Made of crystal-clear and scratch-resistant silicate glass. - Covers maximum area to ensure excellent protection. - Only 0.33mm thick with smooth edges to ensure comfort. - Easy to keep clean thanks to the oleophobic coating. - The anti-shatter layer makes it safe to use even if cracked. - Simple installation, leaves no residue upon removal.



Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Oppo. Premium protection for the touchscreen of your Oppo is what you will get with this premium tempered glass screen protector. The Premium Oppo tempered glass screen protector boasts scratch resistance up to 9H to prevent daily damage. If by any chance your Premium tempered glass cracks, there is another one in the package. This shatter-proof Premium tempered glass screen protector for Oppo doesn’t reduce image quality or touchscreen sensitivity, thus offering an optimal user experience. The Premium tempered glass screen protector is a case friendly, which means that you can use it with your cover or case.

    - A case friendly tempered glass screen protector for Huawei designed by us. - Although the screen protector is extremely thin, it offers unparalleled protection against daily damage. - Delivers up to 9H hardness while retaining all of your touchscreen sensitivity. - With a self-adhesive back that provides easy bubble-free installation. - This is a flat tempered glass, and therefore will not cover the curved part of the display.